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The database is still pretty empty. For the moment it is only possible to search for items. I am going to add more content within the next days !

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Guide: 3 Days VIP!

by Zui » 2018-11-22 16:43:30

Free VIP 3 Days / Coupon Code: FREEVIP

The “Gold VIP Booster” has a duration of 3 days and includes the following advantages:
“Gold VIP Booster (3 days)” and 2x “Premium Battle Book (1 hr)" (100%EXP).

+120 max EP
+20% dzenai
+20% drop chance
+5 displayable items on the Market
No Market fees
+2 days market listing period
+20% chance of Grutins appearing in dungeons (including for group members)
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Leave a comment to add guides, general infos or more drop locations. Since there are more than 15.000 item-pages and not everyone is reading every page, I recommend to ask questions via Discord.
by xXBMWBoyXx » 2019-03-28 09:33:20
Zui Is FAT :D
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