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The database is still pretty empty. For the moment it is only possible to search for items. I am going to add more content within the next days !

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Guide: Coupon Codes - FREE Items

by Sascha » 2018-05-03 13:54:09

Get some
Icon of Objet de résurrection 2291 Objet de résurrection
Icon of Vitamine revitalisante 610 Vitamine revitalisante
Icon of Objet de protection 2600 Objet de protection
Icon of Clé magnétique bonus 2594 Clé magnétique bonus

Coupon Codes
PLAYJIN expires 31.05.2018
THETHING expires 11.06.2018

How to Redeem

  • Start up SoulWorker

  • Select the server and character for which you wish to receive your gifts on.

  • Open the premium shop in the bottom-right of the screen.

  • There, click on the menu (the three lines in the top-right) and then select ‘Redeem Code’. Enter the code above into the box and click on ‘Redeem’.

  • The items will be delivered to you via the in-game messaging system, HEMS.

Last Edited on 2020-08-12 15:00:02.


Leave a comment to add guides, general infos or more drop locations. Since there are more than 15.000 item-pages and not everyone is reading every page, I recommend to ask questions via Discord.
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